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Windows 10 keeps signing me out immediately after logging in.

I want to add my solution to this In my situation we have about a dozen Windows 10 machines and five or so had this problem where certain DOMAIN users would enter their credentials to login it would say welcome for a few seconds and then immediately switch to signing off .

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Windows Log on and Log off immediately.

You may not be able to log on to system using either Normal Mode or Safe Mode. This occur only when Winlogon service tries to load the Windows default shell explorer.exe and user shell userinit.exe from registry.

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Any Domain users immediately logged out of new Windows 10

Solution OK.Issue resolved.The cause is still a guess but I suspect that something went wrong during the Windows 10 Home Pro upgrade.The laptops were

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Why does windows 10 sign off immediately after logging in

I have exactly the same problem after upgrading to Windows 10. My original user account which is also administrator works fine but all new accounts I create now are immediately logged out after login.

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New Windows 10 user is logged out immediately after login

The problem I have a Windows 10 laptop with 2 accounts an administrator and a non-adminitrator. This has worked perfectly for almost a year now. Recently I created a 3rd account as non-administr

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How to sign log out Solved - Windows 10 Forums

Occasionally a change made with a program requires you to log sign out and back in before it will take effect. I use TweakUI to remove the arrows from the desktop shortcuts.

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Windows logs me out immediately after login. Any ideas

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Login immediately logout - Forums - CNET

Windows XP home Boots up but when try to login it starts to log in then immediately logs out again - all users even in safe mode even administrator in safe mode. no passwords on any identities.

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New user account signs out immediately on sign in

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