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Fix for An App Default was Reset Windows 10 Resetting

An App Default was Reset Fix. Prevent Windows 10 Resetting File Associations to Movies TV Zune Music Video Photos Edge 3d Builder Registry Fixes

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5 Tips to Fix Windows Store and App Issues in Windows 10

Do you have issues with the Windows Store or its apps crashing freezing not updating or downloading We ve rounded up the steps that help resolve the vast majority

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Resetting Administrator Password in Windows 2008 Kieran Lane

Resetting Administrator Password in Windows 2008. Being in my line of work I make use of dozens of test servers and virtual machines and from time to time I can

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5 Tips to Fix Slow Boot Times in Windows 10 - MakeUseOf

If your Windows 10 boot time is slow since the Anniversary Update your re not alone. We have compiled the most common solutions to help you fix this issue fast.

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Fix Flash Issues in Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8

If you re not able to play rich media content through Flash Player that has been embedded or integrated into Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 follow

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HP PCs - Troubleshooting Touch Screen Issues Windows 10

Is the touch screen on your computer not working as expected Is the touch screen not responding not working after a Windows update or other issues Learn more.

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Unable to connect to any WiFi connection Windows 10

I am unable to connect to any WiFi connection. I ve tried many adapters different USB ports 2.0 3.0 . I ve even tried using the WPS button on my adapter and router.

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How To Reset Windows 10 Apps

There are over two dozens of new apps in Windows 10. Mail Calendar Store Alarms Clock Calculator Groove Music Weather Maps and Photos ar

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Resetting NTFS files security and permission in Windows

I want to change the permissions on the users folder in windows 7 back to the defualts. When I try this however it gives access denied and also that the system

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6 Ways to Fix Windows 10 Start Menu Issues - How to

Here are the six detailed methods to help you fix Windows 10 Start Menu not working issue. These tips also work with fixing Cortana issues.

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